Crisps, nachos and piadine: to know how the market of flexible packaging for snacks is important, just remember that in 2017 the segment increased in Italy both in volume (+6.2%) and in value (+6.8%), with a turnover of more than 537 million euros.

The new formats and new products are conquering more space on the shelves, with an increasing interest by retailers.

This is why our research & development department never stops, to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions, in line with our corporate values.


Snacks always protected with our flexible packaging for snacks

Consumers are always in search of products that may satisfy a moment of reward, taste and pleasure.

This is why Poplast basic metallic flexible packaging for snacks, thanks to its excellent barrier properties against the light, are the ideal solution for packaging crisps, nachos and piadine, and all those “high satisfaction” products to be consumed for a pure pleasure break.

Packaging Design and technological solutions

The packaging design, along with the state-of-the-art solutions of the food Packaging proposed by Poplast, are among the key factors determining the success that the product marketing can rely upon to better enhance the products.