Rotogravure printing


The department of rotogravure printing of flexible packaging has been recently supplemented by a BOBST RS 6003C HS – 10 colors, which brings in Poplast the higher efficiency of the new double flow air drying system.

Thanks to this important technology, it is possible to reduce the length of the drying chambers, making the performance of other machine functions and improving the overall efficiency of the plant.

In the printing mode with “cylinder image carrier”, with direct transfer through engraved cylinders, the printing department Gravure has 3 printing machines:

  •    1 machine with 8 Colors with possibility to apply regulable external paints
  •    2 machines with 10 Colors with possibility to apply regulable external paints

The machine fleet enables to print a printing board of max. 1290 mm for a printing format of max. 980 mm.



Rotogravure digital printing control

All our machines are equipped with modern control system for print defects, in-line control of barcode reading and off-line control of color tones with the most modern instruments currently available in the market.

Machines are equipped with an ESA electrostatic system, which provides excellent printing quality on paper and plastic films, especially in the half tones and more difficult shades.

The Gravure department is equipped with a Mix Station that enables the formulation and IT storage of color recipes to guarantee constant printing tones over time.


We think Green thanks to our solvent recovery plant

To reduce the atmospheric emissions the department is equipped with a modern solvent recovery plant which enables solvent recycling of the department.