The lamination of flexible packaging is one of the most important phases of the whole production chain.

It is when more materials are glued together to get a film with two, three or more layers in order to make wraps with high barrier or resistance properties.

Flexible packaging in aluminum, thanks to its thin lamination, are light and robust, in compliance with the safety of the product and end consumer.


Laminating machine fleet, solvent less and solvent base

The laminating department currently has 6 machines:

  •    No. 4 Solvent Base laminating machines;
  •    No. 2 Solvent Less laminating machines;

The machine fleet enables a maximum laminating panel of 1620 mm.


Coupling control in laminating flexible packaging

Each coupling step is checked with methodical and scrupulous controls, from solvent retention through Gas chromatograph, to grammage of adhesive applied, to the tests of traction and weldability.

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Maximum flexibility in laminating

To meet the customer’s requests, it should be noted that one of the Solvent Based laminating machines can be converted into Solvent Less in order to better handle work peaks.

One of the Solvent Less laminating machine is also equipped with Laser die-cutting which enables to make Paper-Plastic Film laminates with die-cut window.