Eco & Bio


We are well on our way to a greener future. And our eco & bio flexible packaging are on our side. This is why we believe in the constant innovation of products, in line with the requests of an increasing demanding market at corporate sustainability level.

Find out below our products with bio-based films from renewable energy sources.


Eco-friendly and eco-sustainable flexible packaging

They are derived from a type of BIO-BASED film, made with the innovative use of renewable resources such as residues of cellulose and sugar cane, whose quantity must be at least 85%.

This is a film that can undergo the biological decomposition in a site for the industrial processing of waste recycle. This material undergoes a decomposition process within a given period without leaving residues.


Why Poplast eco & bio Poplast Packaging

More than one third of buyers considers today the sustainability at least as decisive as quality and price (source Gfk Eurisco).