Atelier FM Plastic, “HAUTE COUTURE” flexible packaging

Since 1969 FMPlastic has protected and valorized any kind of products through the manufacturing of plastic films, tailored for the requirements of every customer. From the packaging for the Tuscany hosiery factories and vivariums in the ‘70s to the current packaging for food and other products, for customers from every place and of any value, FM Plastic has specialized in the flexographic printing and is now recognized as one of the best companies in the market of the flexible packagings.

The long experience and the care of every single detail, the constant investment in the new technologies and the continuous training of the workers and employees, ensure a great quality of the neutral and printed wrappings. The production capacity and flexibility and the competitive prices complete the successful image of the FM Plastic flexography, which is now chosen by more and more national and international brands, such as ICT – Foxy, Tesco, Pata, Saynsbury’s, Fabianelli.

FM Plastic is also appreciated for its simple language and reliability, its punctuality and the strength towards the continuous improvement. In the latest years, enormous steps have been taken aimed at reducing the environmental impact, not only in terms of air purification and solvent recycling, but also for the heat recovery and reuse. Further commitment and investment fields relate to the customer care, through the development of new analysis and communication services, the safety in the work place and the research and development of innovative materials that can lead to new performances.

FM Plastic operates the IS9001:2008 quality management system in the printing, coupling, soldering and film cutting processes for the food and non-food sector.

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“Experience, quality, attention to customer’s needs – these are the forces guiding Poplast for over 40 years!”

Poplast was established in 1975 as manufacturer of shoppers for the haute couture, by interpreting the needs of the decade where everything is possible in terms of style.

After a few years, the founders considered that packaging could positively entered the food industry and specialized here.

Today Poplast is a big company and successfully serves the main companies in food and no-food sectors, by participating in the market and standing out for these values: Flexible and dynamic management towards the market needs | Utmost-quality oriented production | Processes based on organizational efficiency |Quick responsiveness to customers’ needs