has dressed the products for more than 40 years. A Tuscany reality specialized in the flexographic printing, among the best companies for the flexible packagings, since 1969 it has protected and valorized every kind of products through the manufacturing of plastic films tailored on the requirements of every customer.
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and innovation beyond the usual cliche.
The quality of the FM PLASTIC flexible packagings passes through the constant investments in technologies and equipment, in the continuous personnel training, in the innovation towards the selection and combination of the most suitable materials for every kind of product.
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FM Plastic flexible packaging.
From the high barrier laminated rolls to the reduced thickness, from the neutral films to the most elaborated printing, from the bags to the packaging for the controlled atmosphere storage, FM PLASTIC represents the product haute couture.
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“Experience, quality, attention to customer’s needs – these are the forces guiding Poplast for over 40 years!”

Poplast was established in 1975 as manufacturer of shoppers for the haute couture, by interpreting the needs of the decade where everything is possible in terms of style.

After a few years, the founders considered that packaging could positively entered the food industry and specialized here.

Today Poplast is a big company and successfully serves the main companies in food and no-food sectors, by participating in the market and standing out for these values: Flexible and dynamic management towards the market needs | Utmost-quality oriented production | Processes based on organizational efficiency |Quick responsiveness to customers’ needs