FM Plastic and the environment, the commitment towards the environmental impact reduction

FM Plastic environmental commitment spreads in various directions, towards a continuous improvement:


Research for low impact materials

The research and development affects both the flexible materials and their possible combinations, both the inks and the solvent used in the printing process.

Reduction and partial reuse of manufacturing wastes

In line with the current law, FM plastic possesses a last generation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with zero emissions, that can completely purify the air from the solvent used in the printing processes. Moreover, by means of a dedicated solvent distiller, the same solvents can be partially recycled and reused.

Reuse of energy sources

Once it reaches 800°C, the air purifier gets selfpowered by the self-combustion and the generated heat is used as heating source for the entire premises, leading to a significant energy saving.

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