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More and more brands and companies have recently chosen FM PLASTIC as we have always been able to develop tailored solutions with the most updated technologies and techniques. From the high barrier laminated rolls to the reduced thickness, from the neutral films to the most elaborated printing, from the bags to the packaging for the controlled atmosphere storage, FM PLASTIC represents the product haute couture.



• Multi-purpose Tissue, toilet paper, hankies, napkins
• Cleaning tools mops, sponges, gloves, dish cloths
• Envelops
• Packaging for flowers and plants


The manufacturing of packaging for the food industry requires a more accurate selection of the materials used in the manufacturing process. In the seventies, FM PLASTIC reached important results in the food industry, and still today 70% of the production is dedicated to the direct contact with any kind of food, namely:
• Dry Pasta
• Bread
• Biscuits
• Nougat
• Dried fruit
• Chips
• Snacks
• Pulse
• Frozen foods

Insulated bags:

We are present in the market of Insulated Bags (for the transport of food and medicines at a controlled temperature) through Norzia srl, a company that cooperates with FM Plastic.
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